July 13, 2024

How to protect your company?

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Who says new uses, says new problems and challenges, all the more so when you don’t have, internally, IT teams sufficiently available to manage IT security on a daily basis. The implementation of a complete security solution then becomes necessary to have a global visibility of the terminals and the networks and thus to analyze in a powerful and automated way the vulnerabilities and the threats.

In recent months there has been an increase in computer attacks, mainly so-called “ransomware” attacks (commonly known as ransomware). This type of attack has the modus operandi of reaching the vital data of the company, encrypting it to make it unreadable and therefore unusable, thus paralyzing the activity with the aim of demanding a ransom in exchange for the release of these data.


All companies can become targets: VSEs, SMEs, CAC 40 companies… No one is immune and these attacks are today the most serious cyber threat.

The impacts are numerous and can be fatal for the company that is the victim: financial loss that can reach several million euros, loss of employee productivity, loss of strategic data… Not to mention the negative impact on the notoriety of the company that suffered this attack.

quotation marksAs an IT specialist, we must educate our customers to implement detection and prevention solutions to allow some automation of investigation and remediation tasks.quotation marks


And the has understood this well.

With more than 10,000 animals on 40 hectares, the main activity of the ZooParc de Beauval is the protection and animal welfare, biodiversity and the protection of endangered species.

The park also has a great diversification of its activities with ticketing, shops, hotels, restaurants… With an IT team of 8 people dedicated to network infrastructure, cybersecurity and software.

Having few resources to allocate to IT security issues, the park chose to migrate its security strategy to Kaspersky EDR solutions.

It is the lack of resources to be allocated to this subject that prompted the park to turn to these solutions. The park was therefore looking for a solution, quickly and efficiently, that embeds automation functionalities and complete detection capabilities.

After several months of use, the park’s IT department has seen a number of benefits:

Easy, smooth and transparent deployment for the user

Time saving: allows you to focus on other subjects

Higher level of security thanks to the automation of tasks and treatment of threats 24/24 – 7/7

Simplicity: the single management console makes it possible to gather data and analyzes in order to simplify the daily work of the teams.

Director of Information Systems at ZooParc de Beauval

quotation marksThe deployment took place very easily and very smoothly, we already had the Kaspersky agents deployed on our client workstations… It came in addition to the existing one and for the user it is completely transparent, not loss of performance.quotation marks


The democratization of telework and immediate access to company data from personal internet connections have become imperative with the health crisis we are experiencing.

This implies thinking about cybersecurity differently, from a more modern and more complete prism, and no longer being content with installing an anti-virus locally. The approach must be more transversal, with security solutions developed directly in the cloud where each digital asset is protected.

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