June 25, 2024

How to Fix 0x0000009f Crash Error in Windows?

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Fix 0x0000009f Crash Error in Windows

Did you notice that your screen has suddenly gone blank? Has your screen suddenly changed into a blue color? Under such circumstances, you can feel helpless and upset at the same time. Furthermore, you might end up losing all your important files. Such situations can be frightening, and nobody would be able to help you immediately. So, how can you handle it?

Update your drivers

If you have not updated your drivers for a long time, they can crash all of a sudden, and this can be upsetting. Sometimes, your driver can go into a deep hibernation state and sometimes become corrupted. All these incidents occur mainly due to an outdated unit. Fixing 0x0000009f error is not an easy one. However, it is also possible that your machine may become slow and hardly functional instead of showing a black or blue screen directly. It implies that there is still time to get it repaired. You can always then check the Event Viewer to check for the various possible errors in your computer. If it shows that your driver is outdated, you should regularly update it.

Disable the quick startup

If you have enabled this feature in your machine, then it can imply that it needs to be disabled so that your CPU does not take off. Sometimes, this it can be the cause of your computer’s malfunctioning. You would need to stop this error from occurring by handling it from your PC’s Control Panel. Under this option, you would need to visit the “System and Security” option. From there, you can look at the “Power Options,” from where you can select “Change What the Power Buttons Do” and select “Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable.” Then, uncheck the box that asks you to “Turn on Fast Startup (Recommended).” Finally, click on “Save changes” to do the needful.

Update your computer

Always keep your computer updated so that you do not have to experience fixing 0x0000009f errors or end up handling some other slipups of your machine. Always check for updates regularly so that you do not have to suffer at the end of the day. Keeping your computer up-to-date will, in fact, help you eschew certain unpleasant situations with it. Make sure that all the latest updates have been installed on your device so that you do not experience any situation wherein your PC goes into a blank screen or even a blue screen all of a sudden. You must also disconnect all the peripherals in your computer once in a while so that you can escape such unpleasant circumstances.

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